The collection covers the entire field of Czech glass from 17 to 20 century. It consists of more than 5,000 exhibits, and like any other collection has its content unbalanced. Exhibits are arranged by season, technologies, possibly purpose of the product or the author of the design. The composition is mainly influenced by the local availability and mainly products from North Bohemian glassworks are represented. The scope of the collection and its description is different from formal exhibitions where there are pieces especially elected and in limited number of exhibits ordered by the author.

The term "Czech Glass" as I was collecting is somehow with questionmarks. Thanks to the free border traffic at the 19th and early 20 century German and Czech border populations were mutually intertwined influences from Bohemia, Bavaria, Silesia, Austria. Production of basic enamel and its decoration were very often located far away each from the other and accurate determination of the origin is difficult. Unique exhibits of significant foreign authors or companies have only a demonstrative and comparative purpose. ¨

The description of each shelf is far from perfection. It is appropriate to the knowledge of the writer and sometimes is expressing his opinion based on his investigations. The shelf numbering is smooth without consideration to the content, as it required a gradual increase of the collection. Long-term treatment of photographs and descriptions also caused minor inaccuracies of the moving exhibits and other additions.

The above description of the position of the mass in the collection relates to glass in the 70 years of the 20th century. After then was collected only artistic and creative glass.

The description is given not only as an effort to familiarize the public with the content, but also because of the advanced age of the collector has a commercial interest.